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Skills Matrix – a Training Needs Analysis Tool

Skills Matrix

Here is a great tool to identify training requirements within a business or department. It’s in Excel which is fine for projects or small to medium sized businesses (for large business you are probably better looking at a Learning Managment System). Essentially it’s a template to help you with  training needs analysis.

Here’s the link

Skills Matrix Template

It currently contains three main areas (held in 3 worksheets):
  • Roles Matrix – Defines what level of competence people are required to reach (by role) in order to carry out their job effectively.
  • Skills Matrix – Defines the current level of competence of an individual.
  • Gap Analysis – Looks at where people should be for their role against where they are now and works out the difference i.e. ‘Required Competence Level for Role – Current Level of Competence’.
This can also be used to:
  • Work out skill gaps for people wishing to move into another role. You can do this by just changing the role in the Skills Matrix worksheet. When you go into the Gap Analysis it will automatically show you the gaps for the individuals new role
  • To monitor & control training effectiveness. You could keep historical versions of this Spreadsheet to compare before and after training.
  • To work out the weakest/strongest of competences with teams/dept/business.

If you have any questions about how to use this or any comments about how it could be improved please let me know.

Here’s the link again – enjoy!!

Skills Matrix Template

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Stuart Lawson – IT Training Consultant

My name is Stuart Lawson and I have been an IT Training Consultant for many years.

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I wanted to set up a website to hold IT Training related and an area where other IT Trainers could post comments and discuss End User IT Training related topics. I have started to post resources related to course material templates and also training methodologies and hope to post more soon.

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Reading Material

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