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Lesson Plan – 4 stepped approach

Here is a link to an example Lesson Plan: Office 2007 – Lesson Plan which aligns itself to the 4 stepped approach as described in my earlier post

This lesson plan example shows a lesson for Office 2007 Introduction but can be used for any IT application.

Lesson plans maintain the consistency of what is trained to the delegates.

This lesson plan is a table made up of 5 headings:

  • Topics – The main topics covered in that particular section so you can quickly see what needs to be covered when training.
  • Big Picture – What to say to the delegates to set the scene of what you are about to show them. This is where you talk about the selling points of application creating the desire within the delegates to learn.
  • Demonstration – Lays down what to show the delegates. Demonstrations should be clear and carried out at a steady pace.
  • Handson – What exercises the delegates should perform in order to prove to themselves that they can carry out the task that they have just seen in demonstration.
  • Consolidation – What questions to ask the delegates about what they have just learnt. Consolidations will aid memory retention and drill home any important points that the delegates need to remember.

I will post other example lesson plans soon including one that follows the Institute of IT Training, TAP methodology. Make sure you don’t miss them by subscribing to this blog.

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