The Structure of a Training course

Training Course Structure

“You remember 95% of what you teach”

Below is an outline structure when running a training course. It lays down the main areas to be covered and in what order to cover them.

  1. Start with the Title of Course (have you ever had delegates that should have been attending a different course in a different room or on a different day – I have).
  2. Explain the structure of the day and any house keeping (i.e. timings, where the toilets are, fire procedures etc)
  3. Ice Breaker (if appropriate). Ice breakers are useful if people do not know each other. Good ice breakers should create the right atmosphere for training, getting people relaxed and getting them talking so they are more likely to ask questions. Ice breakers are less necessary if people already know each other and it seems they are already in a ‘talkative’ mood. I will post some ice breakers later.
  4. Check the delegates prior knowledge of the system that you are about to train. Some people may have already used it, seen it etc. Find out where they are at and if there is anything particular that they need to know. If you have a very mixed group of competence levels then you can use the more competent delegates to help the others when carrying out hand-on sessions. 
  5. Explain the Objective of the day i.e. what is it that the delegates will achieve by the end of the day.
  6. Run through Topics (have them on a PowerPoint slide or flip chart) – these are the details of what will be taught and set expectations.
  7. Process of how it will be trained (i.e. using the four steps methodology – as detailed in this post
  8. Then carrying out the training sessions themselves (if following the 4 stepped approach then each session has 4 steps)
  9. At the end of the training course (or at the end of each day) it is useful to have a consolidation exercise that runs through everything that the delegates have learnt.
  10. Show where User Guides can be found (i.e. on the Intranet) or have some printed to give out.
  11. Review the objective. Have the delegates learnt what we set out to learn?
  12. Ask each delegate: “How will what you have learnt today help you in your work/everyday life?”.
  13. Talk through any next steps that the delegates may have  i.e. next course to go on, follow-up exercise, when they will get the new system etc.
  14. Get the delegates to fill out an evaluation form ( I will add some example evaluation forms soon so stay tuned).


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