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OK, here is my first post on e-learning. All very exciting.

Here is a link to a website where I have created a template of how e-learning could work when learning how to use IT systems.

Link to Learning Area Template

I have used these in the past to hold all the information a user might need to help them learn about a particular system.

I don’t see these replacing instructor led training, I see that it could be used to help people after they have been on training.

When you open the website there are a number of tabs across the top which are broken down into Interactive Walkthrough (this is the e-learning bit) and then a number of other tabs which could hold (or link out to) other resources such as User Documentation, FAQs etc.

Try having a look at the Walkthroughs. I have created one e-learning module as an example of what could be achieved. Here I have used MS Word as an example lesson but this could be any new system.

I have used Adobe Captivate to create the e-learning modules and I used Dreamweaver to put together the Learning Area but other HTML editors could be used however I do recommend Captivate as a real easy tool to put together IT System e-learning training. It’s not too expensive compared to some of the other e-learning tools and it’s pretty flexible.

Here is the link again – Enjoy!!

Link to Learning Area Template


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