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Skills Matrix – a Training Needs Analysis Tool

Here is a great tool to identify training requirements within a business or department. It’s in Excel which is fine for projects or small to medium sized businesses (for large business you are probably better looking at a Learning Managment System). Essentially it’s a template to help you with  training needs analysis. Here’s the link Skills Matrix Template … Continue reading »

Nicely Laid Out Quick Reference Guide

I am always looking for great examples of IT user documentation and I think this is a good example. It’s a Google Apps – Tips and Tricks guide and I really like the way that it combines paragraphs of explanation with numbered stepped screen shots. Here’s the link: QuickRefGuideExample I think it looks clean, easy … Continue reading »

Learning Area (e-learning)

OK, here is my first post on e-learning. All very exciting. Here is a link to a website where I have created a template of how e-learning could work when learning how to use IT systems. Link to Learning Area Template I have used these in the past to hold all the information a user might … Continue reading »

The Structure of a Training course

Training Course Structure “You remember 95% of what you teach” Below is an outline structure when running a training course. It lays down the main areas to be covered and in what order to cover them. Start with the Title of Course (have you ever had delegates that should have been attending a different course in a different room … Continue reading »

Lesson Plan – 4 stepped approach

Here is a link to an example Lesson Plan: Office 2007 – Lesson Plan which aligns itself to the 4 stepped approach as described in my earlier post This lesson plan example shows a lesson for Office 2007 Introduction but can be used for any IT application. Lesson plans maintain the consistency of what is trained … Continue reading »

The 4 Steps to Learning

There are a few training methodologies for IT Training. This is my favourite as I believe it is the fastest and most effective method to transfer knowledge. It is how we would naturally learn something new. There are 4 steps to learning: First there is UI – Unconscious Incompetence. This is where you are unaware of … Continue reading »

IT Application User Manual Template

As promised here is the first of my posts providing you with some top class templates that you can use to create your own training materials. In this post I have attached a User Manual template to give you a great start when developing a manual to help users get their heads around a new IT system. Here is … Continue reading »

VAK (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic)

OK in my last post I talked about the 9 talents and that there are 9 learning preferences. There is another and easier model which can also be useful to help with  finding out your students learning preference. This model is: VAK (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) Visual – People who prefer to be shown how to do things Auditory … Continue reading »

The 9 Talents

Everyone has a talent right? And some people are more talented than others in certain areas. There is a great book on this subject written by a guy called Colin Rose. The best (training related) book I ever read. I strongly recommend it!!  Get it here … The 9 Talents assume that there are 9 different … Continue reading »

Reading Material

The best (training related) book I have ever read is Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century by Colin Rose. Here is a link:

Want to know more about how people learn and how to build rapport with your delegates then try this: