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The Structure of a Training course

Training Course Structure “You remember 95% of what you teach” Below is an outline structure when running a training course. It lays down the main areas to be covered and in what order to cover them. Start with the Title of Course (have you ever had delegates that should have been attending a different course in a different room … Continue reading »

The 4 Steps to Learning

There are a few training methodologies for IT Training. This is my favourite as I believe it is the fastest and most effective method to transfer knowledge. It is how we would naturally learn something new. There are 4 steps to learning: First there is UI – Unconscious Incompetence. This is where you are unaware of … Continue reading »

Reading Material

The best (training related) book I have ever read is Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century by Colin Rose. Here is a link:

Want to know more about how people learn and how to build rapport with your delegates then try this: