Discovering Your Strengths and Styles Through the 9 Talents Framework

Discovering Your Strengths and Styles Through the 9 Talents Framework

We all learn in different ways, and finding your innate talents and learning preferences can unlock motivation and success in school or career. Based on the innovative Talents approach developed by authors Bruce Wilkinson and Linda Gallagher, there are 9 learning styles or talents that categorize how people best absorb and retain new information. Understanding your strengths can help you get the most out of lectures, assignments, projects more by playing to your natural wired affinities.

The 9 Talents are:

Taking a free online assessment like the CliftonStrengths survey can reveal your top 3-5 talents, giving insight into how you process concepts and material most effectively. For example, visual learners excel when provided diagrams, charts, maps, and other graphical tools. Kinesthetic learners learn best through hands-on experiences and physical activities. Musical talents absorb information set to melody or rhythm.

Understanding how you learn optimally allows focusing your effort where it will bear the most fruit. Teachers and mentors can also better support students’ unique intelligences. By nurturing peoples’ talents, learning becomes more engaging and empowering.

Naturalist Talent

Commonly found in: botanists.

Likely Traits:

· Able to recognise flora and fauna

· Keep, or likes pets

· Interested in how the body works

· Interested in the environment

Learning strategies:

· Go on field trip

· Use Organic Models

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